Tyreplus new service center

TYREPLUS Is Now in Jalan Bani Bu Ali

Muscat, June 21st, 2022

MHD ACERE has announced the launch of TYREPLUS’ 9th service center in Jalan Bani Bu Ali. Upon the remarkable success of TYREPLUS in Al Wadi Al Kabir, Sohar, Barka, Sur, Azabia, Mabela,Nizwa and Salalah, the new service center is a chance to expand the business recognition, access a new market, and reach a wide cross-section of the local community in Jalan Bani Bu Ali.

The new service center in Jalan Bani Bu Ali is designated to provide customers with a broad array of car services, starting from routine car checkups, battery replacements, nitrogen tire inflation, balancing tires, wheel alignments, puncture repairs, car oil changes and many more services. Car owners may arrange their appointments online at any TYREPLUS branch using the TYREPLUS website. More information is available at https://www.tyreplus-me.com/en/Oman.

In Oman, TYREPLUS is exclusively represented by MHD ACERE, which praises its top-notch services, incredibly competitive rates, and widely known brand names. In the spirit of this event, Mr. Mohsin Hani Al Bahrani, CEO of MHD ACERE, opines, “We are excited to witness and participate in the growth of TYREPLUS as a service center in Oman. Our long-standing relationship with TYREPLUS has always been fruitful, resulting in offering optimum services for our customers. MHD ACERE is dedicated to reaching the summit in every endeavor and to hitting town in every spot in Oman.”

A Glimpse of TYREPLUS

TYREPLUS is a one-stop shop for all your vehicle’s problems and maintenance needs. It offers a comprehensive array of services such as car oil changes, car AC repair, mobile tire repair and van service – door-to-door service, car battery replacement, brake pad replacement, nitrogen tire inflation, sanitization and disinfection, wheel balancing and alignment, general car checking, and many other services. Aside from the wide range of services, TYREPLUS also provides high-end tire brands, lubricants, batteries, suspension and brake systems to help you get your car back on the road as fast and safely as possible. In the same way, the 9th service center will offer well-known tire brands like Michelin and BFGoodrich, as well as the most reliable battery brands like Optima and Varta, to its customers.

A Glimpse of the ACERE and Michelin Partnership

MHD ACERE is one of MHD’s primary operational clusters, featuring some of the greatest worldwide brands alongside MHD’s renowned service delivery. MHD has served as a pillar for both specialized commercial and mass market brands throughout the previous five decades. MHD ACERE is the only distributor of prestigious niche brands such as Michelin tires. Michelin Group is a global footprint that achieved a huge external growth and became present in every continent. MHD ACERE’s contribution with Michelin group is another success story that contributes to the country’s economic growth.

Since its inception date in 2002 until today, TYREPLUS has served customers from all over the world with an inviting experience, transparent service, and comprehensive care. It has more than 1600 franchise locations in 26 countries, including nine branches in Oman. TYREPLUS continues to sustain unrivaled levels of service by throwing together high-quality materials, trained and educated technicians, and several pit spots to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.