MHD ACERE is one of the largest and most dynamic organizations in Oman.

To work for MHD ACERE, you’ll have to be dynamic enough to keep up with a rapidly changing work environment. To sustain growth, you must always act ethically, responsibly and environmentally. As part of the process, you’ll have the chance to make a positive difference.

Everyone at  MHD ACERE is encouraged to spot new opportunities, challenge the conventional wisdom and recommend improvements to the way our business works.

You’ll be working with a widely skilled, multi-cultural workforce. And as we believe that variety is both stimulating and broadening, you could have the opportunity to work in different areas of business. So not only will you gain a wealth of practical experience within your chosen field – you’ll also have the opportunity to try something completely new.

To meet the complex and demanding challenges of our business, you will have the opportunity to develop the technologies of the future and shape the way we work.

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