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We understand that some people desire more from their vehicle than what it inherited from the factory, therefore we offer an extensive range of products that are designed to improve the look and performance of the vehicle. Whether you are looking to equip your entire fleet with winches, improve your vehicle’s airflow with an exhaust or upgrade your recovery kit with an kinetic rope, we assure you that you have come to the right place. 


While 4x4 vehicles are crafted to handle all terrain, we believe that with the right modifications, they can be far more superior in terms of performance, comfort and reliability. The off-road parts industry is a world of its own, and this is our area of specialty. From quality affordable to high-end products, we are always on track with the newest trends. Starting with the beginner off-roader to the seasoned veteran, we cater to anyone looking to upgrade their 4x4 vehicle.


Our vehicle expertise extends to on-road performance as well as off-road, and when it comes to this, quality and safety are never compromised at AutoExpert. With the aim of improving esthetics and boosting car power, we offer a hand-picked array of high performance parts like air intake and exhaust systems, body kits, tuners, superchargers and the list goes on.


Our Car Care division offers full-house car care solutions that cater to the needs of our clients, some of whom are car owners, enthusiasts, fleets, car wash and polish centers as well as professional detailers.


With the heat in our region certainly makes car window tinting essential for a cooler temperature inside the car, not to mention a little privacy it gives! As part of our policy to exceed client satisfaction and meet every auto need, we offer a range of car window tinting. As poor tinting material can interfere with a vehicle’s navigation, irrigations system as well as have a tendency to bubble or change color within a few months, and even cause damage to the glass surface, we at AutoExpert use only top quality tinting – Chameleon is our preferred brand. We also provide Paint Protection services to protect the paint from rocks, bugs, stones, sand, harsh weather, keys, salt, rings and other elements. Paint protection films are designed to protect your car and are professionally applied by a paint protection film experts at AutoExpert.


One of our most important departments is our workshop, where all the magic happens! We understand the special link a passionate driver has towards his or her vehicle, and we ensure that the work we are entrusted to do must exceed expectations. Our mechanics are extremely experienced in the areas of modifications and auto engineering including electrical, software and safety works. In our fully equipped workshop, we make sure to apply our customary approach of safeguarding quality and efficiency at the center of any job done.

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